Q: What is the Credit Union Magic Minute?
A: Credit union members earn the opportunity to experience the most thrilling 60-second slice of life they have ever imagined – a shopping cart “dash” through the aisles of a merchandise-packed, CURewards® warehouse to collect as much cool stuff as they can in one frenetic and memorable Magic Minute!

Q: When is the Magic Minute Sweepstakes?
A: Begins at 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on 6/24/19 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. EDT on 9/29/19 (“Sweepstakes Period”).

Q: How to Qualify?
A: Credit union members access the Rewards site by going directly to CURewards.com or via SSO from their credit union Home Banking site or Access Point. Once on the site they can register to enter into the sweepstakes by providing their contact information. AND use credit union qualified Rewards debit or credit card at least three times per week, OR answer survey questions online at: www.cumagicminute.com regarding use of your credit union’s products and services for each week you would like to be qualified to win.

Q: How will my cardholders know about the campaign?
A: PSCU is relying on participating credit unions to assist with the promotion of the campaign by utilizing the marketing collateral available at www.cumagicminute.com. The campaign will also be promoted via the CURewards Mall for those credit unions that participate in Mall, statement inserts and email on the Rewards website.

Q: What is the objective of the Direct Mail (DM) Campaign?
A: The DM campaign is designed to increase cardholder engagement and card usage.

Q: What are the criteria for the Direct Mail campaign?
A: Cardholders participating in PSCU's Rewards Points program. All cardholders with a valid email address on file will be included in the email campaign.

Q: Will cardholders receive communication throughout the campaign period?
A: Cardholders that are members of credit unions participating in the direct mail component of the campaign will receive emails (not more than 4) throughout the campaign period reminding them to participate in the campaign by enrolling online and using their credit union Rewards credit or debit card 3 times within a campaign week.

Q: Is there a cost to the credit union for participating in the campaign?
A: The campaign is fully funded and managed by PSCU. This is part of the service we provide to assist our member credit unions in driving awareness to their Rewards program and to increase card usage.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: Credit union members that have been issued a credit or debit card which offers Rewards supported by PSCU. Note:  PSCU or credit union employees are not eligible to be selected in the bi-weekly drawings. However, each time a winner is identified the credit union that the winner is a member of will be asked to delegate two employees to participate in the event by being “cheerleaders” for that winner.

Q: When are the winners announced?
A: Winners are selected bi-weekly beginning July 19 through October 11, 2019.

Q: Who will experience the Magic Minute?
A: 7 credit union member winners, plus one guest per winner. 2 credit union staff charity winners. Cheering support team of: Two representatives from each winning credit union and PSCU support team.

Q: What are the important dates I should know about?
A: All important dates for the Magic Minute Sweepstakes can be found at online at www.cumagicminute.com.

Q: What marketing materials are provided?
A: Beginning in June, the following materials will be available: Email Template, Banners, Targeted Direct Mail, Social Medial Content, Media Kit, and FAQs.

Q: Who are the sponsors?
A: PSCU is the proud sponsor of this unique promotion that recognizes and celebrates the unique loyalty bond that exists between members and their credit unions.

Q: Who are the promotion Partners?
A: Marden-Kane providing the Promotion Rules/Regulations Management, Hinda Incentives warehouse; location for the Dash, Montrose Travel will coordinate all the travel.

Q: What is PSCU going to do with the data it collects when the members enter their personal information on the registration website?
A: The information will be available if the member opts for e-mail offers and for use in marketing promotions offered by PSCU to credit unions that elect to participate.

Q: Where is the member information going to be stored?
A: The information will be entered in and stored in CURewards secure system; account numbers and personal information encrypted per PCI compliance.

Q: How long will the member information be kept?
A: The information is maintained for the communications as noted in CURewards documentation; this will also be added to the data warehouse in the future. This information is stored today as long as the account is open and in good standing.

Q: Is PSCU planning to capture email addresses to send credit union members anything?
A: A part of CURewards Mall (Merchant Funded Rewards) is offers and discounts; if a member requests to receive these coupons, he/she will be a part of the email offers and campaigns. Emails captured are also used in distribution of Rewards eStatements for credit unions that participate.